Wednesday, August 01, 2007

I was merrily making my way down Hwy 471 toward Brandon yesterday to get my new car tag, listening to Bonnie Raitt, chewing sugarless bubble gum and yes, blowing bubbles, when the crown on #3 molar came loose. "Uh-oh!" methought, "TODAY your sins will find you out!" Those regular dentist visits and teeth-cleanings I've neglected for the last several years will now be exposed to the glaring light of Dr. Applewhite's examination.

And sure enough, 3 hours later and $1300.00 poorer, I left his office with a new root canal and not one but two new crowns being made to cover what was left of the teeth being eaten by decay. It was actually the easiest root canal I've ever had because it wasn't preceded by days of dread. We maxed out my yearly allowance ($1400) on dental insurance with that one visit, so I told him he would have to wait until 2008 to check the rest of them. He made $2700 for 3 hours work, so he shouldn't complain. I just hope no other emergencies occur until next year when, I promise, I will be getting regular check-ups and cleanings.

In addition to the bubble butt my mother gave me, I also got a mouthful of terrible teeth, a dentist's goldmine. Daddy's weren't real good either, but Mother's were terrible. After we get all the current problems solved and paid for, I want the new porcelain veneers, Lumineers. I've been so self-conscious about my stained, crooked, metal-filled teeth that I don't smile nearly as much as I would if I had these. After I read the brochure, it went to the top of my wish list.

I didn't get the tag, so I've got to go take care of that now. I'm hoping there's still a grace period and that I don't have to pay a penalty for waiting past expiration day to get it. There was a wreck on the highway that had traffic snarled, so I turned around and went to the dentist instead. Hope everybody has a good Wednesday and no surprise root canals! Go get your teeth cleaned and checked if you're past due. Procrastination does not pay.

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Zoilus said...

I have to say that I've been a lot happier ever since I got my teeth fixed and cleaned and bleached. There's just something about being ashamed of one's teeth that makes you less happy overall, I think. Glad to hear you're planning on getting them attended to.