Friday, August 03, 2007

I've been feeling out of sorts for the last couple of days, probably a combination of homesickness, summer blahs, and toothache; dog days, maybe, needing more naps than normal. I did go to the pool this morning and thoroughly enjoyed it, but came in more tired than I usually do. Or it could be pure-old-dee laziness. With nothing exciting to anticipate in the near future, maybe it's boredom.

Benji called to see if I could come to Memphis in a couple of weeks to keep Pip when they will both be tied up all day with orientation. That should be fun. Pip has been stressed this week with their move. He was afraid they were planning to leave him in Makanda, so he got in Karen's car to play before they left and to make sure they didn't go anywhere without him. He did that when they were here, too. They started packing to leave and he was in the car with the first bag and wouldn't come out. I guess being left while they went to Mexico made a lasting impression on him. He's also transitioning from crib to twin bed since they moved, so I'm not surprised he's feeling out of sorts, too.
From Charlotte in P'ville, I've learned that their Methodist Church is having its 100th Anniversary celebration in October, the 2nd Sunday. Unfortunately, it coincides with our church's annual Goat Roast and Bluegrass Mass. My heart is pulling me toward P'ville while my head is reminding me I have choir duty. Maybe Betsy will sing in my place that week-end.

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