Sunday, July 29, 2007

There is something about walking through the halls of yesterday that puts a person's whole history into its proper perspective. Now I remember, so much better than just two days ago, who I was and how I became who I am today. Seeing people who made over half of that journey with me, those who encouraged me, influenced me, helped me, included me, admired me, loved me, I wish I had known then how uncommonly blessed I was. Maybe I would have stayed in touch with them better than I did. They far outweighed those who hurt and betrayed me. It was almost overwhelming to be flooded with so many good memories in such a condensed span of time. The homesickness I always feel after I've been there hit sooner and was much more intense than usual, a longing that can't be denied. I should have allowed myself more time to absorb it all.

Today's realities can't be denied either. Expecting Mike to care for two dogs, two cats and himself in my 30 hour absence was pushing the limit. I confessed my deceit to him when I returned and he soon forgave me, still insisting that he would have been okay with my going alone, and my knowing he wouldn't have. Gus bathed my face with puppy love and Jay-Jay's tail wagged happily until he went to sleep last night. I spent most of the night in my Plantersville Dreamland, riding my bike, hitting tennis balls, struggling with homework, dressing up in silly costumes for the school play, forgetting my lines, forgetting my recital music, etc.

I only shot 5 pictures this week-end before my camera's batteries died. A couple of people promised to send theirs to me. George posted a few before taking off for Florida this morning. If we have another event like this, I want a photographer to make each person's picture immediately after they sign in and get their name tag. I knew a majority of them, but some I'm still not sure about. I wanted a group shot of those who attended, but they were too spread out in the gym and several were not able to climb the bleachers. I estimate at least 150 people were there. Some didn't stay for lunch, some didn't come until after lunch. Some stayed all day like I did, some didn't stay nearly long enough to suit me. We had plenty of food, and it was delicious.

George, you deserve a lot of credit for a very enjoyable reunion. Thank you for all the worrying and planning that you did, along with Burma Jo, Bill, and others. Principal Kenneth Jones, Asst. Principal Bill Horton, and custodian Jerry Hall were helpful and hospitable, too. We couldn't have done it without them.

The old school looks better than I ever thought it would. Only one building remains of those where I attended classes. We called it the "old high school building," with auditorium. The exterior was recognizable and parts of the interior, but a library is in the space where the auditorium used to be, and offices are in the stage space. A few of the old composites of senior classes are on the library walls, but I remember there being many more adorning the hallways at one time. Wonder where they are? Several people brought old pictures and I could have spent the rest of the day poring over them.

Another suggestion for the next event: Have a scanner and computer with someone scanning and uploading old photos to a reunion website. We could have kept someone busy doing nothing but that all day, 2 or 3 people, in fact. It would need to be someone not interested in visiting, a non-P'villian, perhaps, even though, it would be unfair to expect anyone not to be interested in talking to one of this world's most fascinating groups of people.

Oh, what a foretaste of Glory Divine!

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