Thursday, July 26, 2007

My car has been serviced, my clothes are ready and the house is almost clean. I still feel like I'm forgetting something. Mike relented and took care of my car. Camera, batteries, photo album, old pictures, road music, what else do I need? Maybe it will come to me.

Benji and Karen are packing to move back to Memphis. They've each earned new degrees, enjoyed a semester in Ireland and produced a baby boy while in Illinois. Not bad for their 3 year stint. Congratulations to both of you. Benji, remind me again exactly what the degrees are; I'm sure my memory is not sharp enough to relate it accurately. I know yours is another Master's and Karen's is a Ph.D., but in what?
He has an interview for a full-time teaching job at one of the Memphis colleges tomorrow, so everybody send their prayers and best luck wishes in his direction. If they are serious about their students being "challenged every day to think critically, grow spiritually, and change the world," then Benji is their man. I just hope his critical thinking, his spirituality and his world-changing ideas are the brand they're looking for. I'm afraid they may be too conservative for his liberal bent, another square peg/round hole situation, but maybe not. It's a place to start. What happened to the job offer from Ole Miss? The commute may be worth it.
I did think of something else I need to do before leaving - clean the inside of my car. I hope everybody has a great week-end like I'm planning to do. I may not post again until Monday. We've got a full day Sunday including a birthday party to attend. Look for lots of pictures next week.

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