Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Mike has gone to lunch in Crystal Springs with Ron, and I'm trying to decide exactly what all I need to get done before I take off Friday for Tupelo. Laundry, for sure, but I need to do some housecleaning, too. Ron is coming to stay with Mike while I'm gone and he's like a fussy old maid when it comes to a messy house; at least, that's what Mike said. The carpet has new stains from sick puppies and from their being inside so much recently during all the rain we've had. That professional carpet shampoo didn't last nearly as long as I hoped it would. Replacing all the carpet in this house with something more pet proof is close to the top of my wish list for home improvements. I'm sick of this nasty carpet. I do appreciate Ron agreeing to come while I'm gone and helping out with the dogs.

I also need to get the oil changed in my car, the gas tank filled, and the car washed and cleaned inside. Mike usually does this for me, but asked this morning if I would mind doing it myself this time. See what I mean about the favors being so out-of-balance around here?

I went with Mike to his aquatherapy this morning. Anna, his OT, made a one-handed shoe spoon for him last week that has come in so handy. I thanked her profusely. Now if she could just figure out an easy way for him to get out of his wet swim clothes without assistance, I could stay at home when he has these sessions. It's still more than he can handle with one hand.

I'm making the trip to Tupelo by myself, even though he thinks Betsy is going with me. It's the only way I could get him to stay at home. Nothing would bore him more than a reunion in my hometown, and nothing would diminish my enjoyment of it like having him with me. Rather than telling him up front that I'm going by myself, I'll wait until I'm already in Tupelo or after I get home and tell him that Betsy backed out at the last minute. It's the only way I know to do it without a fight. He would insist on going with me for safety reasons. I'd rather stay at home than take him. Either way, I would be terribly angry with him, and I'd rather avoid fighting with him, if at all possible. I wish I could level with him and get a cool-headed, mature response from him. Unfortunately, he seems incapable of that. His short fuse would ignite and ugly words would be snarled and shouted. I'll skip that every chance I get.

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