Thursday, July 12, 2007

Our Thursday started kinda slow, but picked up speed after the boys got up around 10:30. Rather than eat breakfast, they decided to wait until we met Mike for lunch and ate a good meal then. Then Mike took them to the movie while I went shopping. I picked them up after the movie and took them to the Bass Pro Shop to buy Clay's birthday gift, a soft air BB pistol. He was 13 last month.They also got a slingshot each. These pictures show them shooting from my back porch because it was raining. We made a target on cardboard with spray paint.They shot several rounds in the laser gallery at the BPS and got several hits. I played one round and got 2/20 hits. Cecil would not have been proud of me, but it was the first time I've shot a gun in several decades. I used to get at least 4 out of the 5 squirrels on his practice target, sometimes all 5.

I don't think they went to sleep until after midnight. I went to bed around 11, meaning to check on them after a short while, but didn't wake up again until about 3:30. They were sleeping like little angels together in the big bed in our guest bedroom. For some reason, they decided to do that rather than sleep in the single beds in my office.

We went to the pool about a half hour before sunset last night, and stayed for an hour, so we got to see the closing day's colorful sky over the lake. It was beautiful. I got my exercise done, and they swam and played. We were all quite hungry when we got back to the house, so I fixed waffles, pancakes, and pizza.

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