Friday, July 13, 2007

Clay and Cooper had fun playing at Vance's today. They fished, rode his ATV and shot their slingshots and BB pistol. They were quite muddy when they came home.

He's putting in a swimming pool complete with hot tub, which should be completed within another week. It's really nice. Harlee wouldn't have anything to do with me until I asked if she wanted to go outside.

Clay and Cooper are in favor of building on the lot next door to Vance. They foresee a 4 wheeler and dirt bike in their future in Mississippi. Now if by some miracle, AT&T could move Rick's job to Jackson, we'd all be happy, but the latest on that is not very encouraging.

Tomorrow I'm planning to take the boys to the new bowling alley that was just opened in our neighborhood over the Memorial Day week-end. Sunday, being THE DAY OF REST may be nothing more special than going to the swimming pool here.

It's been raining steadily since about 4:00. We had strong winds earlier, up to 60 MPH, according to the weatherman, but no tornadoes. Flowers are blooming everywhere and the trees and grass have turned a vibrant green again. The high temp was only 86* today under a mostly cloudy sky. Sweeeet!

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