Thursday, June 07, 2007

We came home from Memphis to find our upstairs AC putting out warm air instead of cool. It was a stifling 86* in our master bedroom. Thank goodness for the little window unit I installed in my office last year, which kept us cool enough to sleep in the guest bedroom and my office. The repairman is coming this afternoon.

Then more bad news when I went to my doctor's appointment this morning. I've gained back 9 of the 16 lbs. I lost last year, so he wants that lost again and kept off. My cholesterol is terrible, and he scheduled a stress test for me with Mike's cardiologist due to the chest and arm tightness I've been having. Exercise, no matter how unappealing, is not optional, he said. I've got to start a regular program and stick with it.

We had a pleasant trip yesterday with Pip and the dogs. Pip was so excited to see his parents and his brother and sister. After a fine Central BBQ lunch with Benji's family and a quick recounting of their Mexican adventure, we left the younguns and settled into our much tamer role as pet parents. The dogs couldn't wait to get in the bed, not very concerned that their first choice of beds was in the room that was much too uncomfortable for the humans. Their regular morning and afternoon naps have been disrupted for the past week, so they're making up for lost time today.

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Zoilus said...

I almost cried Wednesday when Pip pointed at me and said, "Da da!" in the back of your car. He's been so so sweet since we arrived in Illinois--perhaps he thinks we'll ship him off again if he acts up? Anyway, thanks for keeping that little baby boy. He's now an excellent snuggler and gives out lots of free kisses.