Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Since Pip has made friends with Gus, I've decided to keep him. No, running after this two-year old is quite a workout for this granny, and keeping up with him is way more work than I want to do full-time. I'm sad to think we're on our last day with him, but it's been full of happy times, so I'll have plenty of memories to smile about. I got plenty of pictures, too, and will enjoy the Pip show at least once a day for a while. I will upload them to my Flickr site soon, so you can enjoy them, too.

My picture of Pip so close to the water made Benji and Karen nervous. The water at the end of the pier is not over his head (we've had a dry year and the water level is below normal), and he's shown no interest in getting in the water, just throwing sticks and rocks in the water. We went last night just before sunset, and again this morning before it got too hot. He wore himself out running up and down the ramp to the pier with a rock in each hand, then making as big a splash as possible with each throw. It wasn't really as dark last night as the first set of pictures shows.


Zoilus said...

The stroller part was what really made me nervous--I know he has enough sense to not jump in the lake, and I know it's pretty shallow there, besides. We sure do miss that little booger, though, and can't wait to see him.

mornin' said...

Cathy, Pip is such a beautiful little boy. I know you've had a wonderful time w/ him. AND you're probably ready to get some rest. There's a very obvious reason why God's plan is to give children to YOUNG adults.