Sunday, May 27, 2007

Pip was ready for a nap by 1:00 today after such a busy morning. He's played on the back porch most of the time with the squirt bottle. He ate a good breakfast of oatmeal, half a Pop-Tart, and almost a fourth of my banana. We walked down to the lakeside and went out on the pier where he emptied a whole bottle of water squirting it at the lake. The wind was blowing it back in his face, which made him laugh. Leaving the pier got the opposite reaction, so we had our first meltdown. Getting him, the stroller, and the two dogs back to the house while Pip pitches a fit is not easy, but we made it. He rode part of the way upside down in the stroller. I had tilted it back to keep him in it, so he tried to get out the other way and when I straightened it back up, he was upside down. Thank goodness, none of the neighbors were out; they would probably have been alarmed to see the spectacle.

I thought about going to church, but was having too much fun just hanging out here. As much as I would like to show off my cute grandbaby, it's more fun and less stressful to relax at home. Mike went to meet John and Trish for lunch at Margarita's, and wanted us to go, but Pip was having too much fun and I didn't want to interrupt him.

Last night was sorta crazy. With naptime not starting until 4 and going until 8, it was midnight before we got to sleep again. Pip and I slept in the guest bedroom where I had plugged in his white noise machine. When Mike got up around 6, the dogs came and joined us, and went straight back to sleep. Pip is enjoying the dogs more since he learned that all he has to do is point the squirt bottle at them and they hush, or get down, or go on. He's talking non-stop and every once in a while I can understand something he says. He said, "shut up!" very plainly last night after Mike told the dogs to shut up, but he hasn't said it again and I haven't encouraged that particular phrase. It won't take him long to develop an extensive vocabulary.

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