Monday, May 28, 2007

Man! Am I tired! We transferred Pip to his other grandparents around noon and it went more smoothly than I anticipated. He was cranky by the time we got to McAllister's in Richland, having been awakened earlier than he should have been by the dogs who were excited by my inconsiderate husband playing with them at his ungodly getting up time. He didn't get to sleep last night until around 10, because Gramma didn't want to miss Desperate Housewives and Brothers and Sisters. (If he didn't sleep all the way to Mobile, I'll be really surprised.)

But after a lunch of Cheetos and potato chips, he was in a better mood, and quite willingly let Mamie take him to their car while Billy and I moved his stuff from my car to his. I'm concerned about his eating habits, but that's bound to improve once he gets back home. Somebody smarter than me should make Cheetos packed with all the vitamins, nutrients, fiber, etc. that a child needs.

He took his new favorite toy with him - the squirt bottle, so he was happy. What is it about water that is so fascinating to children, especially Borden boys? My sons and grandsons came into the world loving it. The lake was a popular spot, but leaving it was an ugly ordeal each time I took him. His other favorite entertainment was a bucket of water on the back porch into which he sank several rocks, fished them out, then repeated the process over and over. Who needs a DVD player when a bucket of water is so much fun?

I wouldn't be nearly so tired if it hadn't been for Mike. Having a two-year old in the house brought out the two-year old in him. I was ready to strangle him by the time Pip left. If Pip started screaming, Mike tried to outscream him. Color this Gramma's nerves frayed.

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