Saturday, May 26, 2007

Playing at Peabody Park in Memphis.Saying good-bye to Dad for 10 days Pip with the yardstick on Gramma's back porch after breakfast.
No more pictures, Gramma, I don't want to smile!
Music at the touch of a button!
It's been a busy two days. Pip finally gave it up for a nap about 4 this afternoon. He's a happy baby 99% of the time, very easy to entertain. The closest he's come to crying is when Gramma didn't want to let him have more Cheetos, but we know how to avert those tears, don't we? I wish I'd gotten a picture of him playing with my squirt bottle. He kept squirting himself in the face, everytime looking surprised, then laughing at himself. Too funny.

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