Monday, May 21, 2007

I'm concentrating this week on getting my house shipshape for company. Pip will be with us for a few days, and couldn't care less what shape Gramma's house is in; but his other grandmother is driving up from Mobile to get him and I'd be mortified if she saw it in its current state. (What is the opposite of shipshape?) Benji and Karen are going to Mexico for a much-needed vacation; it was her 40th birthday gift from him (and her parents?).

Mike and I enjoyed a peaceful Sunday together. If he had a hangover, he didn't act like it. The episode in December scared him, as it should have, and he has maintained his sobriety since then. He still has an occasional glass of red wine at night, or a beer with BBQ, but one is the limit, and he's stuck with it. Spending the night at Ron's was easier for him than he thought it would be. He was able to get himself dressed without assistance, which confirms what I've tried to tell him - I do too much for him! He has taken over several chores lately that I was doing, and with every one came a new level in his self-confidence. Thank you, Lord!

According to the two horoscopes I've read today, I may be taking a trip sometime soon. Is it the trip to Memphis to pick up Pip, or maybe it's that get-away to Tampa that I've been wanting? Travel conditions are improving? Maybe gas prices are coming down?

Sagittarius Horoscope for May 21 2007
Sun is going from Taurus into Gemini, Moon is going from Cancer into Leo. For the next few weeks you'll have to contend with others, what they like and what they don't. This may be annoying, but you can get through it. Besides, travel conditions are improving.

Sometimes you feel like you're navigating through a thick fog, but the obscurity will finally lift today. The skies ahead are sunny and clear! You can expect an invitation to take a little trip, or an offer to belong to a special group of associates. Don't pass up any opportunities to have fun, dear Sagittarius. You can benefit from a diversion right now!

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