Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Jay-Jay snagged one of his dewclaws yesterday, pulling it loose, making it hurt and bleed. Even though it was their closing time, our vet stayed at the clinic long enough to care for him. Poor Baby sounded like a whimpering child, so pitiful. Today he seems to be fully recovered.

I didn't get far with housecleaning yesterday, but got interested in new art projects. I'm painting a vinyl floor mat for my kitchen. Linoleum scraps are used for this, the white backside makes a good canvas for acrylic paint. I saw several in a gift shop not long ago with hugely inflated price tags, and decided immediately to try my hand at it. Last week I bought an 8'x6' piece (large enough to cut several mats from) at Big Lots for $10, found instructions at the HGTV website, made a list of supplies I need, so cleaning house has slipped a little lower on my list of priorities. Oh well, I've got another week, and a couple of days are all I need to make it company ready. I do my best work with a deadline bearing down on me.

Mike wants to go to Fire Mountain for lunch, then we have several errands to run. I'll finish this later...

2:45 pm. Just got word from Gloria that the Plantersville reunion is being planned for July 28th at the school with a catered meal in the cafeteria. This should be fun. She still has to get approval from the school board. Wonder if this old porch is still there. Maybe I could get a new picture of me and Jane 47 years later in this same spot. Do we look bored, disgusted, or what? It was in front of this building that we frequently jumped rope. Maybe we got put out of the game early.

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