Sunday, May 20, 2007

I had a quiet Saturday night at home alone. Mike went to Ron's for a birthday party and decided to spend the night rather than drive home from Terry in the dark. His night vision is not good, and my guess is he over-indulged in the beer, so I'm glad he didn't risk a wreck or a ticket. My cute neighbor offered to come keep me company, but I resisted the very strong temptation to let him. It helped me feel less lonely, though, knowing I was alone by choice, and my ego got a boost, too, so I appreciated his proposition. Gus and Jay-Jay were company enough.

St. Philip's is having their parish week-end at Gray Center, so I'm taking a day off from church. There was a Eucharist at 8:00 this morning at the church and there will be one at 5:30 this afternoon, but long ago I broke the habit of thinking I had to be there everytime the door was open, so I'll do something else.

The weather is so nice, I think I'll take my paint supplies to the deck and paint. And listen to music. Gus and Jay-Jay will enjoy morning naps in the fresh air.

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