Sunday, April 29, 2007

I've recently learned that my favorite form of entertainment, Internet radio, may soon be silenced. Since I am a regular listener, that will make me, and millions of Internet radio fans like me, very unhappy. If you want to keep May 15 from being "the day the music died," go to this website where you can sign a petition. If you've never discovered the pleasure of free Internet radio, you have about 15 days to tune in. My favorite is where I alternate between several genres. I don't want any artist to be cheated of royalties, but I also don't think it's fair to make Internet radio webcasts pay more than their fair share. More info here.

I woke up mad at the world this morning, foul humour extraordinaire. Just when I thought my cold had run its course, the waterworks began again. How can one person's sinuses produce so much drainage? It was 2:00 before I finally fell asleep last night, and that was only after moving to our guest bedroom. Everything in my bed was conspiring against my getting any rest. My very warm dogs snuggled too close, my legs were in bicycle pedaling motion against sheets that felt like sandpaper, Mike would not quit snoring no matter how I turned him, and the Benadryl mixed with the Ibuprofin gave me that inflated med-head that magnified every annoyance. Bad trip, indeed! Mike was so ready to escape my petulance that he went to church this morning without me. That very rarely happens.

He just came in, bringing lunch with him. He can be unusually sweet when he wants to be. He went to his "Intangibles" buddies' newly formed church that split from the original "Chrch of the Highlands." (I love how some Southern Baptists are trying to disguise their true identity by not including the word Baptist in their name. That didn't stop this group from being as contentious as any of the others) The new church is called "Church of the Intangible Presence," for now (I'm kidding), and they're meeting in the community center at the park across from Cock-of-the-Walk. For those of you who don't know, "Intangibles" was the name of the rock band that Mike played in pre-stroke with a couple of other insurance guys. After Mike's stroke, the Intangibles became a contemporary Christian rock band, playing church gigs on Sunday mornings and Wednesday nights instead of club gigs on Friday and Saturday nights. Their new church had lots of tangible "Intangibles" music, he said, and about a hundred people attending. He likes their real rock music better, but they've been faithful friends to him, so he went to support them.

Makes me wish I'd felt like going to St. Philip's this morning, which, I'm sure, is back to their dignified traditional style after last week's walk on the wild side.

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