Saturday, February 10, 2007

I've got choir rehearsal today from 2-5, so Mike will have to fend for himself this afternoon. He's planning to spend most of the day with Ron.

I've got to concentrate on memorizing my three songs plus the choreography, and memorizing anything has been difficult for me my whole life. Thank goodness, Chapel of Love and I Could Have Danced All Night were not new to me. By this time next week, I'll be feeling a huge relief.

And I've still got to come up with a kimona I like. This is the first stage production I've been involved in where each participant is responsible for finding their own costumes. I'd prefer we had a costume committee working on this, a suggestion I will share with our director before I do another one. David had his sewing machine set up in the choir room on Thursday. Maybe if I took the pattern and fabric with me today, Margaret and I could "getter done." It's a better place to sew than I have here with two dogs and two cats right in the middle of anything I do, especially if it's out of the ordinary, like sewing.

I've got music to learn. Better get busy.

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