Friday, February 09, 2007

Friday mornings are not as easy around my house as Mon-Thurs mornings when Mike goes to the gym. Dealing with all his interruptions has totally blocked what little inspiration I had to write. He doesn't know the meaning of the word "wait," so everything has to be done NOW! He's about to get on my last nerve. GRUMBLE! GRUMBLE! grumble!

Happy belated birthday to Deanne, who was 26 yesterday. I hope she and Kris are still honeymooning. May your fondest dreams come true, Sweet Niece of mine!

I was just reading her dad's last post at his Magnolia Crappie Club site. His enthusiasm for their fishing tournaments, and his talent in expressing that enthusiasm make me wish he would start a blog and write about other subjects that interest him. I know fishing is not the only thing. Here's the link:

Most of my family members are good writers. Why don't you all start blogs so we can get to know you better and keep up with what's going on in your lives? It really doesn't take that long, and you will be surprised at the amount of satisfaction it brings. With no more personal contact than we have with one another, it might help us to understand each other better, gain some insight and better perspective, and, dare I say, more appreciation for our strange estranged relatives.

I heard a comment by a writer who compiled a book from letters written by some famous person to his sweetheart, can't remember if it was Billy Graham, Ronald Reagan, or who, and she made the point that telephone conversations will never take the place of the written letter. Telephone conversations evaporate with the disconnect of the two talkers. Letters can be read over and over, treasured forever; tangible sentiments rather than intangible ones, a real gift to those you love. That's kinda the way I see blogging.

She mentioned the 9/11 survivors, who realized anew their mortality, how fleeting life is and how swiftly death can come. Several have started writing since then because they want their families to have more than a last-minute cell phone call from someone as they look certain disaster in the face. Would that we all cared for our loved ones that much.

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