Friday, January 12, 2007

One of my favorite Christmas gifts came from Skip, a book he'd just finished reading and thought I would enjoy, Mysteries of the Middle Ages, The Rise of Feminism, Science, and Art from the Cults of Catholic Europe, by Thomas Cahill. I was initially flattered that he considered me smart enough to digest it, then became enthralled with the beauty of all the artwork included. It's not a book I want to rush through, as every page provides some deep satisfaction aesthetically, as well as intellectually. Rather than suffer through it like I did most of the history courses I've taken, I'm enjoying every minute of it. Thanks, Cuz!

Another Christmas gift I'm enjoying at the moment was from Betsy, a CD by Kenny G, I'm in the Mood for Love, The Most Romantic Melodies of All Time. There is something about a saxophone, especially his, that relaxes me. It's so wistfully mellow. Maybe that's why Clay chose to learn sax over piano, to express his mellow side.

Keith Olberman's scolding of Bush last night on Countdown was rich. For those who missed it, here's the link for the transcript and the video.

One thing I didn't enjoy watching yesterday was the pounding that Condi Rice took for her boss when faced with the hostile members from both parties in the Senate hearing. She did succeed in uniting Democrats and Republicans. Only one committee member was willing to speak in support of the escalation. Aren't they about out of that Kool-Aid?

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