Monday, December 11, 2006

I'm happy to report that Mikey is officially "on the wagon." I laid down the law to him this morning when it became clear that we had survived the night without killing one another. It was 2:00 before he went to sleep and that was after two more falls in the floor. I think he finally wore himself out, because I made him struggle each time for a half hour or so to get himself off the floor. He made it to the bathroom and was able to do what he couldn't do with the urinal. Relieving the full bladder discomfort seemed to help more than anything.

He insisted on taking his meds on top of all that alcohol. That sounded very dangerous to me, but I dispensed them, then braced myself for the worst case scenario. I recorded most of our verbal exchanges just in case I had to explain anything to authorities.

In the light of day, he was full of regrets. He seemed relieved when I told him there would be no more drinking, or no more Cathy. One of us had to go. Too many people have tried to help him recover and keep him healthy for him to cancel out all that effort with his dependence on alcohol. He agreed. When he boasted to Ron that he was "on the wagon," I knew I was getting through to him.

He's gone to the gym. It will be interesting to hear how difficult his workout is with a hangover. He's considering joining the AA group at St. Philip's. Whether he does or not, I'm going to Al-Anon.

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