Friday, November 10, 2006

Today's blog will be delayed. I'm headed to the zoo with Betsy and her grandchildren from Boston. Look for pictures and commentary later today.

8:00 pm...Whew! I've had a long day. Between my sister, my husband, and my dogs, I haven't had time to compute all day. I did get a much-too-short nap this afternoon.

The camera batteries died on me after just a few minutes at the zoo. I was so disappointed. Steve took lots of pictures, so I'm hoping he will forward some to me. There were some really cute shots I missed. Tara's twins had a blast running all over the spacious park grounds, running space seemed to be the biggest attraction for them. Griffin has the blonde hair, Sawyer has the red, and they are adorable. Steve and Tara's teamwork is seamless and efficient. I'm no longer concerned about the third little boy being added to the mix.

I've never seen Tara look so radiant. She's one of those mothers for whom pregnancy brings out a glowing beauty, and she has taken to motherhood like a duck to water. She's got the confident maturity it will take to enjoy her growing family. Steve is a prince and thoroughly enjoys his children. Tara is lucky to have a husband who loves being a daddy.

After the zoo, we enjoyed a family meal at No. 1 China Buffet. Mike and I ate enough that we weren't hungry at suppertime, so we didn't eat. We watched the movie Cars, which was predictably cute and sweet. I can see why Clay and Cooper loved it; I wished for them to explain some of the Nascar jokes embedded in the dialogue. All the reminiscing about the way things used to be reminded me of the conversations that I have with George.

Mike surprised me by wanting to go to the zoo with us this morning, but we had to take his wheelchair. Man! am I glad those days are over, mostly. I'd forgotten how much work is involved in pushing that thing. I think that is what made me so tired. Betsy, Sawyer, and Mike are watching Tara and Griffin ride the carousel.
I really hope Steve and Tara got better pictures than these. I apologize.

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