Monday, November 20, 2006

Sagittarian: Sun is in Scorpio, Moon is in Scorpio. It's difficult for you to part with anything, because you don't take the time. You haven't, anyway, up until now. Just do it.

And I thought I was a pack rat because I am my mother's child. My plan to give the house a good cleaning today and tomorrow in preparation for company coming next week is timed in accordance with the stars. Maybe that will make it easier. There is enough that needs doing around here to keep me busy for several hours, especially if I start throwing things away.

Benji has discovered Keith Olberman and sent me a link to his Special Comment about Bush Lies. Countdown has become my can't miss show of the evening, it used to be Hardball, but the arguing and overtalk really gets on my nerves lately. I like Chris Matthews and I think he and Keith made a terrific team on election coverage, but his program, in its attempt to be fair and balanced, has become just noisy. Keith really hit his stride on 9/11 of this year when Bush twisted so many facts for political purposes. He's been on a tear ever since. And I love it!

George gave me a book a couple of weeks ago that was written by a friend of his, a fellow English prof from NWCC, John Osier. Covenant at Coldwater is every bit as good as John Grisham's bestsellers. I started it Saturday night and had trouble putting it down, even considered skipping church to finish it. I'm taking it to Benji, he will love it, especially the hero.

Mike is insisting on lunch at #1 today, even though I told him I didn't want to eat much. Staying away from the buffet is the best way for me to resist temptation. I may fix him a plate and let him eat while I make a run to Kroger.

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