Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Going downstairs this morning was like waking up in a different house. I should have made before and after pictures. My dining table actually looks like a dining table again, not the overloaded messy desk it had become. My energy stayed high most of the day. Maybe I worked off the extra calories I ate at #1 China Buffet. And I threw away lots of stuff with less difficulty than I usually have.

I'm getting excited about seeing Pip again, and the rest of his family, of course. Benji sent this picture today that I thought was perfectly adorable.
I love the table top that Benji uses for a desk. It's been the scene of much creative activity.

Betsy just called to tell me that she is now the legal guardian of her ex husband. She went to court yesterday and had no trouble convincing the judge that he needs her help. He was unusually lucid during the proceedings, she said, and agreed with her petition. Maybe that will alleviate some of the problems she's had making doctor appointments, getting his meds, etc. She's planning a small Thanksgiving meal for the two of them and will probably spend the rest of the day watching ballgames. She's as much a sports fan as any man in our family. Sometimes Richard watches them with her, but most of the time he's just sitting there with his mind off in a different dimension. How sad to see so much intelligence turn to dust!

Keith Olberman offered a refresher course on the Viet Nam war last night for the president who obviously skipped that lesson altogether. Here's the link. It's rich. http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/15821138/

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