Monday, September 25, 2006

One of the Republicans at Saturday's party announced she was going to "convert a Democrat" - me! She didn't get very far.

"But you're much too nice to be a Democrat," she cooed.

"You've watched too much Fox news," I responded.

"You don't watch Fox?!?" she acted sincerely stunned; "they're so fair and balanced," she proclaimed with a straight face.

I wanted to throw up; instead, I laughed, then, peering into her glass, I asked, "Is that Kool-Aid you're drinking, Dear?" (I don't think she got it.)

"But don't you feel safer with George Bush as President?" she asked, still in a sickly serious tone.

"I've never been more afraid for America's security and future in all my 60 years. He's made recruitment to terrorist groups increase, not decrease," I replied, going back to my serious tone.

"Oh, that's just propaganda," she batted her eyelashes, waving away my statement with a Southern Belle limp wrist that needed only a lace hanky for complete effect.

I hope Fox made some mention of the National Intelligence Estimate that came out over the week-end before whitewashing it to suit the Bush bunch. I also hope the Fox fans were watching when Bill Clinton set Chris Wallace straight about his efforts to get Bin Laden. Some people think he was sand-bagged. It didn't appear that way to me; he looked "loaded for bear" to me. I also enjoyed his appearance on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart.

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