Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Oh, what a beautiful morning!
Oh, what a beautiful day!
I've got a beautiful feeling,
Everything's going my way!

Well, everything but the weight. Three days of careless eating and no exercise has caused a big spike on my graph. What goes up must come down. I've got 5 days for course correction, while my Miss Piggy magnet is guarding the refrigerator door. Wish me luck, pray for me, send encouraging messages, I need all the help I can get.

I love this weather - 57* when I took the dogs walking, with sunshine. High today should be about 78. It doesn't get much better than this.

Warning: the following comments may be offensive to my Republican friends and family members, so you can click off here unless you're open to some raving and ranting from a Democrat who is fed up with double standards and hypocrisy.

Seems the Bushies are Monica-obsessed again. It's the only thing they can dredge up to discredit the strong dose of truth Clinton dished out on their network this week-end! I feel sorry for them when the blinders finally come off. I just hope they see the light before we're so deep in debt and so hated internationally that our grandchildren have a third world country to rebuild.

I also hope the Democrats were motivated by Clinton's truth-telling to get out there on the campaign trail and say unabashedly: We are not safer since the Republicans took over. This administration has not been strong against terrorism; it has been wrong about terrorism! Get real, you guys, there's too much at stake here.

Which is a bigger threat to our country's future, whore-mongering or war-mongering! Clinton may have lied about having sex with that woman, but does that create as much danger for the rest of us as fabricating weapons of mass destruction to justify full scale war with a country that had nothing to do with 9/11? Thank goodness, discerning Republicans are beginning to question the integrity of their leaders.

And where is the IRS when the Rev. Falwell preaches politics? He gets a pass and the liberal clerics don't? For those who don't know what the issue is all about at All Saint's in Pasadena, read the Oct. 31, 2004 sermon by the Rev. George Regas for yourself. www.allsaints-pas.org Ed Bacon's sermon this past Sunday was really good, too.

Well, that's all the fussing I'm doing today. I've built up enough steam to tackle carpet cleaning.

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