Saturday, September 09, 2006

I told my sister I would go to the Boomers in the Ballpark "By George" concert tonight. The CelticFest and the MS Symphony Orchestra are collaborating, so not only will it be a tribute to George Gershwin and George Cohan, but it will also feature a Celtic/World music group Mithril, from Mobile. Should be a good show, except for Cohan's Americana stuff which is among my least favorite kind of music. "Yankee Doodle Dandy" and "You're a Grand Old Flag" are much too pseudo-patriotic for me. But FDR liked Cohan, so I'll try to appreciate the historical significance of his music.

My guess is there will be very few black folks there, very few Democrats, lots of W stickers on the SUV's in the parking lot, a pretty WASPy affair. Mike is mad because I planned an outing that didn't include him. Maybe I should send him with Betsy, but he's not interested in that. He just doesn't want to stay home alone. The weather channel is predicting rain tonight, so we may all be staying at home.

Housework has piled up all around me this week. I'll try to get most of it done today. According to my horoscope, it's a good day for Sagittarians to work. And I put off for one more week getting my hair trimmed. That's what happens when I get interested in reading, painting, etc. Not much else gets done. This week I read a lot, mostly on the internet, but I also caught up on some of my magazines and finished the Phillips book. I don't know why I thought that book needed a second reading, musta had trouble concentrating the first time through, it seemed pretty elementary this time. I also played a lot of computer Scrabble and got my score back up to my record high, and took walks 5/7 days. First order of business today is giving both dogs baths. Such an exciting life I live.

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