Friday, August 25, 2006

Perfect conditions for a morning walk are unusual around here, but today I was reminded of Mr. Rogers' little ditty - "It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood, a beautiful day for a neighbor..." (Or was it a lovely day?) No cardigan needed, however. "The child is in me still... and sometimes not so still."

A yellow lab got after Mick while we were out, and the first one to his defense was Jay-Jay. I couldn't believe it! Jay-Jay is not fond of Mick, is even afraid of Mick, but he didn't want some strange dog chasing his kitty.

Ms. Sippi got hits from 2 new places yesterday and the day before - Byram and Metarie. Not a clue who they could be. Total hits yesterday were 13, a new record, and a total time of 250 seconds, not a record. Lots of fast readers or strangers clicking on who were immediately not interested. I can't imagine that anyone who does not know me would find anything of interest here. I send the link to people who have trouble with insomnia for a reason. After all, one of my objectives is to clear my memory bank of the fluff to make room for the stuff.

I locked my purse with my keys in the trunk of my car yesterday at Kroger. In loading the groceries from the cart to the trunk, I set my purse over in the trunk to get it out of my way, thinking to myself as I did it, "Don't shut the lid til you've picked up the purse." A lot of good that did! And on the one day that Mike was at the casino! The locksmith got there in about 20 mins., charged me $45 for 5 seconds of work (he had a master key! how scary is that!), and tried to make me feel better by telling me he's done the same thing. No, I don't think you have, Buddy, unless your purse falls off your shoulder and gets in your way, too.

The humidity and the temp are low enough to work on the deck this morning. Better get started.

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