Saturday, August 26, 2006

A binging banshee got ahold of me last night and wouldn't let go. Then my scales scolded me this morning for the 2 pounds added back since bragging about the 10 I've lost. Yes, I let up on the restrictions when I realized the goal for the month had been reached, celebrating a weight loss with more food and wine than any one person needs. Dumb, dumb, dumb! Six days to undo the damage and get back to the right number for Sept. 1.

And to think I used to worry about being so thin! Pile on the calories and never gain an ounce, one of the few privileges I took for granted that I have really missed. That marvelous metabolic rate lasted about 35 years before it hit the skids.

I stopped by Betsy's while out for my walk, and she hurt my feelings by saying my dogs have fleas. They are protected with Frontline, so MY DOGS DO NOT HAVE FLEAS! They sleep in the same bed I sleep in, for goodness sake! Insult my dogs and you've insulted me, they're my babies. She knows that and does it anyway. What happened to the Betsy who loved dogs? The one who took in poor homeless Hojo and let him sleep with her? I liked that Betsy much better. Richard was out for a walk while I was there. The dogs went with him.

David has returned safely from England. I got an email last night from him thanking me for the Garrison Keillor quote about choral singing. I've missed his music this month at church, and I'm ready to start back to regular choir rehearsals. Since Law and Order will not be coming on at 9:00 every Weds. night, I may join the supper crowd after rehearsals. Previously, Jack McCoy appealed to me more than the late supper did. Plus, Mike didn't like me staying out that late, but he may just have to get used to it. I need that social outlet for my mental health. Another confrontation, another boundary to set, nothing new; I'm getting pretty good at it in my old age, in fact.

Bill gave me a CD this week that I'm really enjoying - Porter & Bernstein (a la Previn). It's got some of the Cole Porter tunes from It's DeLovely, some Leonard Bernstein from West Side Story, several instrumentals by Andre Previn. I've got it playing now while I write, makes me want to get up and dance, Be a Clown!