Sunday, July 23, 2006

Sunday morning came and went without us leaving home. Mike and the dogs were ready to start the day at 6:30, the boys and I reluctantly followed. It didn't take long, however, to kick the fun into high gear. To take advantage of nobody else being at the pool early, we took the dogs walking then the boys went swimming, first in the pool for a half hour, then, because the dogs aren't allowed in the pool, they went to the lake. Maggie, Tucker, and Jay-Jay got the thrill of being thrown off the end of the pier with Clay and Cooper right behind them. It took another hour for them to get tired, (well, Gramma and Papa Mike got tired) and hungry.

Gus has always acted like he was afraid of water, but before we left the lake, he was looking like he might like to try it. Maybe next time. Rather than throwing him in, though, I think he should be carried into the water gently and calmly.

The boys spent the rest of the morning playing computer games and watching Power Rangers. They just informed me they are hungry again, so I'm thinking China Buffet for lunch. I thought the bacon and eggs would hold them longer than 3 hours. They are growing boys and Clay isn't taking his Adderall while on vacation.

The storms last night had all eight of us huddled in the king-sized bed watching the pirate shows on the History Channel. I had no trouble going to sleep after putting the boys to bed.

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