Monday, July 24, 2006

My house is a jungle, a wilderness of luggage, clothes, toys, people, dogs and cats. Ricky and Mary Ann got in around 6 pm; Clay and Cooper were really glad to see them, so were Tucker and Maggie. After eating and visiting, we all turned in early. They always come back from the Premier rally in a sleep deprived state.

Clay and I have started the tedious task of cleaning the hot tub and deck. Cooper took one look at how nasty it was and wanted nothing to do with it. I sure do wish I could get rid of that monstrosity, but I guess I'm stuck with it. I do need to get a new cover for it. I'd like to build a wooden platform over it and put potted plants on it. Maybe I should fill it with dirt and make a garden of it. I'd get more enjoyment out if it that way.

Gus and Jay-Jay are two tired puppies. They've missed regular naps for the last two days and Gus is especially irritable and cross. Jay-Jay is acting insecure because I'm giving the other dogs attention and I've switched them back to dry food while Tucker and Maggie are here. He keeps giving me that searching look with those sad eyes. "Do you still love me?" they seem to say, and "Where's the canned food?"

Ricky is working today, and glad I finally got DSL. Mary Ann has gone back to bed. Mike's at the gym. I need to start planning for lunch, but I need to go to the store first. Thank goodness, it's not so blistering hot today. The high is supposed to be around 90*, and that's due to a "cold front" that has moved in.

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