Tuesday, July 25, 2006

The fishing trip with Uncle Paul turned out to be a bust. Clay caught one fish. My brother didn't want the boys to be disappointed, so they're going again at 5 pm. Maybe the storms will have cleared out by then. This picture of Clay has some Silas in it.

This gramma is really missing her afternoon naps. Maybe I can get Jay-Jay calmed enough to grab a quick one while Ricky entertains the kids with video games.

6 hrs. later. The evening fishing wasn't any better than the morning, but the boys had fun. I got laundry done while everybody was gone, and got a nap, too. They're planning to go to Vance's in the morning early. The private lake where he lives is supposed to be well stocked and easy to catch.

The best news from Paul's family is that Deanne is engaged and planning a December wedding. I hope she's marrying the guy I met with her at the hospital in May, cute guy and well-mannered, obviously adored Deanne.

Mike took the boys to see Superman yesterday, which they thoroughly enjoyed. I supervised their swimming for a couple of hours, but got blistered sitting in the shade; sun reflected off the water, I guess. They spent about an hour in the pool, then went to the lake. They both came home with pockets full of prize rocks they found. Half of them wound up in my washing machine today. It's been a long time since I had to check little boys' pockets before washing their clothes.

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