Saturday, July 22, 2006

Jeanette called back yesterday afternoon with an offer to meet me halfway with the boys and dogs. Bless her heart, Lord, then bless it again. We met at Jeff Busby Park at 10, visited and walked dogs for about 30 minutes, then took off back to Jackson, stopping at Wendy's in Kosciusko for lunch, and at the Cypress Swamp. We got home ahead of the bad weather which is coming in fast. Maggie and Jay-Jay are pacing the floor while the thunder rolls, Gus and Tucker seem not to be bothered. The boys have settled in front of the tv watching cartoons, I lay down and tried to take a nap, but couldn't. We're going to bed early tonight; I'm very tired.

Mike was remarkably patient with the boys and dogs. He's managing his anger much better than he used to. He's planning to take the boys to the movie to see "Monster House," unless their parents object. I'm planning to take them to the Natural Science Museum, and maybe to the Planetarium. They want to go to Rapids one day, and fishing with Uncle Paul one day. Of course, our pool has always been a big attraction. No wonder they think of Mississippi as a vacation wonderland. We're planning to take them with us to church tomorrow unless it's storming, but I will sit with them rather than sing in the choir.

Cooper at 9 years old weighs 83 lbs. Clay is 12 and weighs only 78. The Adderall dulls his appetite so bad. I don't think he's had any today, he's been loud and hyper, he's on the treadmill right now. Good thing he's so sweet. He and Cooper both are very affectionate and well-mannered. They've been taught to say, "Yes, Ma'am," and Yes, Sir," unusual these days, but charming.

Betsy and Laurie are talking about putting Richard on a plane back to Jackson and Betsy will pick him up, she said. I guess they've decided to leave the truck in Texas. Whether he will want to come back home with her remains to be seen.

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