Sunday, July 30, 2006

My dream this morning was about being in a house in Booneville, out in the woods, which had "all manner of sin and corruption," gambling, prostitution, a honky tonk with lewd dancing. I had taken Mother there to play Bingo, and I couldn't get her to leave. We spent the entire night there and left at sunrise. And we had to walk back to Tupelo! The road was washed out in one place, so everybody was swimming across to the other side. Mother couldn't swim, so she wanted to turn around and go play Bingo some more, but the water wasn't deep, and I was trying to convince her she could walk across. Now what was that all about?

I was glad to be back at church today. The choir's anthem was "He, Watching Over Israel" from Elijah by Mendelssohn, which is one of my favorites, but I would give today's performance an A-. We have done it better in the past than we did today. Mike said it sounded perfect to him, but we started out slower than David wanted, and seemed to drag the tempo all the way through. We were not at our best. This is the way it should have sounded:

When I asked about last Sunday and what all I missed, I got some interesting comments: "Every song you can think of about the Good Shepherd, we sang." "Shannon Johnston's sermon sounded like a Baptist sermon, but with substance." "Longest sermon ever preached in this church." "It was almost 12:30 by the time we got out." Obviously, it was Good Shepherd Sunday and the priest from All Saints in Tupelo was filling in for Tom. I'm kinda glad I missed it. I was being spiritually blessed by watching my grandchildren "teach the dogs to swim."

Speaking of dogs, Daniel came by Friday evening with his mother. He has a new 7 wk old puppy, a female pit bull Keyla. The puppy was licking Daniel all over, so he was one happy boy! He was disappointed to have missed Clay and Cooper, but said he never got the message. Gwen has a new car, a Maroon Nissan. They're living in the apartments off Lakeland behind Blue Cross, which is still in the NW school district. She said they will probably move again when she finishes nursing school in a couple of months. She gave me their new cell phone numbers.

Mike is eating lunch at Margarita's with Jon, even though we'll probably see him again this evening at Greenhill's birthday party. I ate a very light lunch, because I know we'll have a rich dinner. I just hope he doesn't go overboard on the Margaritas, then want to drink wine tonight.


C. J. Garrett said...

From Skip:

I am a sucker for dreams. I see it in terms of not only the role reversal with your Mom, but also as the parent and child inside Cathy. There is a part of you that wants to break away to lewd dancehalls and kick up her heels, to be wild and free, and part of you that wants to return home to Tupelo (Plantersville?home? the reservoir?). You took the night out, but the question is can you cross the river that divides the child from the parent. The old ambivalence. Child does not want to cross that river, the parent is trying to convince the child to return.

What's your guess about what finally happens? My guess is that the parent convinces the child to return to Tupelo, but that Cathy, the adult, remembers that the water is not so deep and she can return from time to time. All sounds pretty healthy to me, if you can schedule some time for both, and avoid the guilt. Some mild penitence always helps.

C. J. Garrett said...

Yeah, you're probably right, I do need to kick up my heels more than I do. SOMEONE HAS TO BE THE RESPONSIBLE ADULT AROUND HERE! And besides, it was Sunday morning! So we probably went home. I don't know, though; if Jack is representing the child in me, she can be pretty stubborn. And if she didn't want to go through that river, she probably turned around and went back to play some more. And we spent Sunday in the House of the Rising Sun! Oh, the shame of it!