Saturday, July 29, 2006

I was awakened at 4 am by my husband dressing. "I'm going to Waffle House for breakfast," he announced, "and if they tell me there are trans fats in their waffles, I'm coming back to the house." "And you really expect them to know or admit whether there are trans fats in their food?" "Well, they should know," he answered. "This has got to be one of the strangest things you ever did, Honey," I told him, " going to Waffle House at 4 in the morning to have an argument with a waitress and a cook about trans fats. Most of their clientele couldn't care less about their cholesterol." "Yeah, I guess you're right," he finally conceded, and went downstairs to turn on the coffee pot and eat a Power Bar. He then let me sleep until 8:00, which is really late sleeping at my house.

Betsy picked up Richard at the bus station yesterday morning, so he's back at her house. His truck is still in Texas.

Benji and Karen are leaving Asheville for Memphis today. Not much else to report this morning.

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