Monday, July 31, 2006

What a party! To Greenhill's credit, there was a broad diversity of guests, even his twin 19 yr. old daughters and their dates were there. Most of the adults were musicians/artists of some sort, so there was a lot of creative energy to keep conversation lively. The great food and drink helped, too, of course. He and Debbie are 49 this year. Once again, I was the oldest person there, and I reveled in all the remarks of disbelief. The mix of flattery and Chardonnay made me quite giddy, but not too giddy, according to my hubby.

My two sons are buying me a digital camera for my birthday and it's being delivered this week. I am so excited. My little 35mm has a whole roll of exposed film in it, but the battery is dead, so I'm going to have to unload it in the dark and get it developed. That will be the last of fooling with film. Hallelujah!

Mick climbed one of the trees in our front yard this morning and jumped from limb to limb, then descended, much like a little monkey. Maybe that's why we haven't seen Mother Mockingbird lately. Hopefully, he just scared her away to another neighborhood. I wonder if I can post video clips like that to the blog. The photos will be easy, but not sure if blogger accepts video. I'll have to check.

I met another fascinating animal at the party last night, Cody, an English Setter, who belonged to Randolph, the attorney. (Not sure if he's artistic, or not, but he loves dogs, and he hates George Bush, so I liked him, naturally.) Cody was friendly, but not aggressive, very affectionate, and took up with me after I pulled the briars off his brown spotted coat. Randolph said if he ever got tired of Cody, he was bringing him to me.

Nell, the Greenhills' Golden Retriever and Stella, their beagle, aren't getting along, so they're thinking of getting rid of Stella, who is mean to Nell. I'd love to take them all, and probably would if I lived out in the country. Oooh! Gus and Jay-Jay would be so jealous. They went crazy sniffing all the strange dog scents on me when we got home.

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