Saturday, July 15, 2006

I skipped the 30 min walk for 3 days and added 1.5 lbs to my weight. Hmmm...wonder if there's a connection? It's just so blooming hot even at 6:30. Today it's overcast with a breeze so I took the dogs for a Yippee. That is the code word I use with them. If I ask Gus "wanna go for a walk?" he doesn't move, just stares at me blankly. But if I say "wanna go yippee?" he jumps up and down excitedly and goes for the leash. Jay-Jay is not quite as animated, but his tail starts wagging furiously. Mick promptly shows up from wherever he's sleeping and gets in front to lead our procession. Patches usually brings up the rear. We suspect Mick took out Mother Mockingbird, she hasn't been around all week to harrass him.

Ricky and family are traveling today, planning to arrive in Baldwyn sometime tonight. Keep them safe, Lord, and give them a good trip. They are bringing their two Shelties with them, Tucker and Maggie. Ricky and Mary Ann are driving on Weds to Dallas for the Premier convention. I'm going to Baldwyn next Fri or Sat to pick up boys and dogs and bring them to my house, so Ricky and Mary Ann can drive straight from Dallas to Jackson next Sunday. They will be here until the end of that week. I probably should be taking vitamins, they usually run circles around this gramma.

I had to go back to the nail salon this morning. Somehow I broke the nail on the big toe of my right foot. I don't remember stumping my toe or any other accident, but about half the nail broke off down close to the quick. The technician was able to repair it with a tip and an acrylic coat and new polish. Strange.

I watched the History Channel's Countdown to Armageddon last night. I've been having these premonitions all week. I'll have a thought, an idea, a dream, then something tangible happens to reinforce the intangible, a Scripture reading, a tv show, a conversation. Mike says I'm psychic, but if I am, it's stronger this week than usual.

The dream I remember from last night had me living in a commune of "bikers and babes," a really rough, Jerry Springer sort of crowd. The women didn't know for sure who the fathers of their children were, the men were mostly macho, loud-mouthed drunkards, unshaven and dirty. I was paired with the quietest and most gentle in the group, but even he was a fat slob who needed to bathe. We were watching another couple argue and fight about a child he fathered outside the group.

Part of this was probably inspired by the fight I witnessed last night between my neighbors. I couldn't tell exactly what they were saying but I did hear a few of the obscenities they yelled at each other. This was a couple who recently split up and she and her son had come back to get some things out of the man's house. I walked out on my deck to see if any physical violence was being done, but as far as I could tell it was just verbal.

I doubt there is any mystical message in this dream, probably just my imagination trying to fill in the blanks. I tend to be judgemental about people who act like that in public, but I also was concerned for the welfare of the woman and boy. Identifying with them as much as I did showed up in my dream as living with them.

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