Sunday, July 16, 2006

We've had a peaceful day of rest. Mike's Sunday School class had a minor disturbance when one of the ladies got perturbed with one of the gentlemen and left in a huff. Seems they were arguing about what the Bible says is required for salvation. David was back from his trip to North Carolina to visit his mother, so choir rehearsal was lively. His sub last week was as mellow as David is hyper. Our bishop worshipped with us today as a regular parishoner, his membership is at St. Philip's. Dressed in khakis and short sleeve sport shirt, he was very inconspicuous, and no mention of his presence was made by Bruns, our priest in charge for the day. Tom was out of town, probably in San Antonio, since they have grandbaby #2 due any day now, but I didn't hear anyone say. (Update - Andrew James Covelli was born July 16 at 11:38 pm) Our choir sang beautifully, as we usually do, especially on the anthems.

After church, we had lunch at McAllister's, then went to Border's and Kroger. I've been on the computer all afternoon, while Mike watched tv. I skipped the usual afternoon nap, but it's 5:17 now and I'm feeling very drowsy. I may take a quick one to get me through the rest of the evening. My weight was back down this morning, in fact, I've already reached my goal for July and we've got two weeks to go. Maybe I can lose some more. Fewer calories, more exercise, nothing new about that.

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