Sunday, April 16, 2006

What a week! Jesus is risen, and the choir can finally rest for a couple of days. Hallelujah! One of our tenors described our singing this morning as phlegmatic, but his standards are much higher than mine. I thought it was heavenly. And the string quartet was like the cherry on top of a supreme sundae. It just doesn't get any better down here!

I think I'm about over my concussion. I've felt better today than I've felt all week. Jan Evers said I should have had my head x-rayed to see if I cracked my skull. So many of the symptoms of concussion sound normal for me, it's kinda hard to know, but they were worse this week. If my brain looks anything like the bruise on my butt, it's no wonder it ached.

I talked to Mary Ann for a few minutes this afternoon, they were making Easter pictures, and I was walking into the restaurant. She said she would have the boys call me later this afternoon.

Mike left for Ron's after we had lunch. I'm planning to take a nap, then go visit Mother. Betsy and I want to go look at a house that's for sale on Parkway. The price is way out of my range, but if the four of us made mortgage payments, we could probably swing it. Depending on Betsy and Richard to contribute may not be wise, but she has been very regular with her rent for 3 years. She and I have discussed the 4 of us living together in our golden years, and it makes more sense than some other options.

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