Monday, April 17, 2006

Since my roses were not exposed to freezing temps this winter, they have put on an effusive display of color for the last couple of weeks. My Joseph's Coat rose is covered with delicate yellow, bright gold, apricot, peach, and red. The Don Juan would be climbing to the balcony if it were on a trellis, instead it has spread a profusion of deep red fragrant roses over the top surface of my neighbor's hedge. The geraniums and the petunias survived, too, and are sprouting new blossoms everyday, the petunias more tenatively than the geraniums. I gave them all a dose of fertilizer this morning to encourage them. Spending $200 at the nursery will not be necessary this year. We've also got honeysuckle and privy hedge perfuming the air. Ah! the sweet smells of spring. High temp today is supposed to be 90*.

Jay-Jay's asthma has been giving him breathing problems for the last couple of days. I think he may suffer from spring allergens like the rest of us. Just when I think I'm going to have to rush him to the vet, he quits wheezing and acts ok. Holding him tummy side up like a baby in my arms seems to help restore normal breathing. His appetite is good, so that usually means there's nothing seriously wrong. Was it Truman who said, "If you want a friend in Washington, get a dog." I say, "If you want a baby who doesn't grow up, get a dog."

I'm taking Mike back to the shoe shop this afternoon. Somehow he has managed to tear most of the stitching loose on one of his velcro buckles. I was really hoping this would be a pajama day, but no such luck. Tax returns have to be mailed, too.

I did not get to the nursing home yesterday. My nap lasted longer than I thought it would, almost 3 hours. I must have been more tired than I realized. I may go by there today while I'm out. Multi-purpose trips have become the norm for us, given the price of gas. No more do we crank the car just for one errand. $3/gal is predicted by summer. Thanks, Dubya!

Last night's Hearts of Space program was really special - Quiet Prayers, they called it, a sacred choral collection for Easter. This week's program can be listened to for free, but archives are available only with a subscription. I don't recall a Hearts of Space program I didn't like, so I would definitely enjoy access to all their programs.

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