Saturday, April 15, 2006

After reading about concussions, I concluded that's what I had and may still have. With headaches every day, feeling sad, emotional, vision still blurry with reading glasses, concentration and memory problems, that's probably what was wrong. I feel a little better today, but a headache continues to nag at me and when I went to the grocery store this morning, I felt a little shaky and disoriented, not dizzy, but weak. Treating the headache and resting is all a doctor can tell you to do - basically, just sweat it out. I found this paragraph from of particular interest:

After a concussion, the arteries in the brain constrict. This reduces blood flow to the brain and lowers the rate at which oxygen is delivered to the brain. At the same time the demand rises for the sugar glucose which provides energy to the brain for healing. But the need for more glucose cannot be met by the narrowed arteries and this discrepancy ("mismatch") creates a metabolic crisis. Eventually the damaged brain cells (that survive) do slowly repair themselves, the demand for glucose eases, the arteries to the brain open wider, and blood flow to the brain returns to normal. However, the brain stays in a lowered metabolic state, a quiescent condition, for a considerable length of time before it can return to normal.

This may explain the craving for carbs I've had this week. I do snack too much in the p.m., but this week has been worse than normal.

Betsy told me yesterday that Laura & family are staying at The Simmons House, a recently renovated B&B in town. She also told me she's been going to Fannin Methodist Church lately. Keith Tonkel preached a revival there this week. She really likes the small country church atmosphere, she said. Still haven't heard if Paul is a grandpa, yet. Vance and Bethany were expecting a baby girl this month, not sure of the due date.

I feel the need for a nap, something else I've been doing a lot lately.

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