Monday, March 13, 2006

Random Hearts was playing for the umpteenth time on AMC when I woke up at 3:00. Mike was watching it, I was listening. I liked the background music better than the depressing dialogue; I may get the soundtrack.

After talking with Katherine at the nursing home this morning, I realized that setting up this income trust for Mother may be the simplest solution after all. With that we get her payments levelized, and the caseworker does not have to worry with the up and down of her income. I called an attorney who offers this service for $75, and they're drawing up the papers today. I feel like a huge burden has been lifted off my back.

Betsy and I enjoyed David's concert at St. Andrew's yesterday. It drew a respectable sized crowd and we gave him a standing ovation. To tell the truth, I don't think that organ sounds a whole lot better than the one we have at St. Philip's, but what I know about pipe organs wouldn't fill a thimble. John Paul, in introducing David, said he was jealous of David's talent, because not only does he play well, he also sings beautifully.

I chatted with Tom Lowe afterwards and expressed my sympathy for his father's recent death. When I told him that his father and mine were friends at Central High School, he said, "Your father was Silas Johnson?" He actually remembered Daddy visiting them when he was a child, and recalled his being stranded in Jackson at their house for 3 days during an ice storm. I was surprised, and somewhat flattered, that he knew him. I had attempted to make this connection with him before, and he was totally tuned out.

Mississippi and Florida are having spring break this week. I was hoping to see Ricky and family, but unless they're coming up here, I won't; need to find out what their plans are. Betsy and Richard are planning a day trip to the coast, she said, but nothing else. Rain is forecast for several days and cooler temps. Yesterday's high was 87, Wednesday's low should be in the 30's. Only in Mississippi.

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