Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Finally! Some peace and quiet. Mike's gone to the gym, after an hour or so of consternation about this and that and everything else. Blue Cross is refusing to pay for more therapy, so he's decided to use the gym at St. Dominic's for exercising. Their machines are easier for him to use than those at the Y, and they're in the same space where his therapists are located.

I got the trust document drawn up yesterday, filed at the court house, and delivered to the nursing home and the Medicaid office. What a relief! Now when they tell me how much to fund the trust account with, I'll go set one up at my bank and leave Mother's out of it. Nobody can complicate matters like they do. So I'll have one more set of bank statements and one more check book to keep track of. I volunteered for this duty, so I shouldn't complain. I just hope I have my affairs in better order for my children to handle, if I live as long as she's lived. That she has been self-supporting for 87 years is admirable. She would be mortified to know she's not able to do that any longer, if she were in her right mind, but that left her several years ago. I also hope and pray my demise is not so long and miserable.

I met one of my favorite former governors while downtown yesterday, and he complimented me for a beautiful smile. Politicians and preachers, they just can't resist a new hand to shake. My daddy could work a room like he was running for office, and in a way, I guess he was.

Today's devotional gave me a new perspective on the "blood is thicker than water" issue I wrote about last week. Here's the link:


(If you pull this up and it's not about Mark 3:19-25, then go to Archives and pull up the reading for March 14.)

Well, my vacuum cleaner has convinced me it can't run itself, so I'll try to make a dent in my messy house.

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