Sunday, November 07, 2010

Uh-oh, I missed a day of blogging, Saturday, but I was busier than usual, and it was a very enjoyable busy. First, I made a French toast breakfast with bacon and eggs for everyone, including the dogs. Then I went with friend Jackie to the Bodacious Broads brunch. After that, I got nails done, and then my friend Lucy came over for our regular  Saturday night tête à tête. That didn't leave a lot of computer time.

I missed church again, but knew it would be useless to try to sing, and going to church without being able to sing just doesn't much appeal to me. I can stay at home and do the rest of it. I'm feeling better and believe this bug has surely run it's course almost, but when I start talking, I start coughing and get very hoarse, very quickly, so I'll just let the old vocal chords rest a little longer.

I'm loving the cooler weather we've had lately. The trees are stepping out timidly, slowly, one at a time, in their latest fall fashion, lots of gold and orange and cranberry red. They look stunning against the clear blue sky.

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