Thursday, November 04, 2010

One of the things I enjoy so much about Facebook is that it has connected me with some brilliant people I, otherwise, would never have known. It isn't difficult to tell, by the remarks they make on a mutual friend's post, that this is someone with whom I would be compatible. If I were single and looking for another partner, I'd definitely want to use FB for initial stages of getting acquainted.

The lunch we had yesterday at The Cherokee was most enjoyable. I split a pizza with a new friend and met several others for the first time in person. Only 4 of the original 8 were there with 6 new people, so we had a total of 10. Our waiter was the same as last week - Coach. His picture is in the dictionary with curmudgeon.

I skipped choir rehearsal again last night, but what good is a soprano with no voice? I've had some sort of respiratory bug, all throat and lungs for two weeks, now it's moving into my head. Last week it felt like the flu and it may have been - chills, fever, body aches, head aches, coughing, etc. Now it's moved to my sinuses. If this is not all cleared out by Monday, I'll go to the doctor. He can't tell me, "It has to run its course."

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