Sunday, January 31, 2010

What a beautiful Sunday we've had. I went to the 10:30 service at St. Philip's but didn't sing in the choir, in fact didn't have much voice left after the first couple of hymns. At least, I didn't have to leave coughing. The choir sang a couple of anthems by Mendelssohn,  "I waited for the Lord" with beautiful solos by Mary Buchanan and Tessika McClendon, then they blended for the duet, and the second was "He watching over Israel." Really sorry I wasn't able to sing with them. I love those anthems.

Being in church and not able to sing is, for me, like sitting down to a banquet and not allowed to eat, really difficult to do, especially at our church. Father Tom gave a wonderful homily on the disadvantages of exclusivity and how we try to box God into a much smaller God than He actually is. He based it on our Gospel reading for the day Luke 4:21-30. Tom is an excellent preacher, thought-provoking and deep, but brief. Silas would have loved his sermons.

Then Mike and I went to El Portrillo for lunch with friends Jon, Trish, and Kyle, enjoyed great food and company. I impressed 12 year old Kyle by remembering several plays from the Vikings-Saints game last week. He is a huge Saints fan.

Next Sunday my friend Yvonne is hosting a Chick Super Bowl Party that Lucy and I are planning to attend. This should be a unique experience, as there will be no testosterone in the room, just the virtual kind. Usually that's my favorite part of watching football is observing how emotional boys and men can get over a game. I'll have to let the guys on TV provide all the macho stuff, I guess. Or I could go to the party at church, which includes a chili cook-off, but it's shaping up to be mostly couples and families, which is fine if you're part of a couple or a family that loves football. With Mike, I'm the closest thing to a sports fan in the house. He had rather watch a faucet drip than watch a ballgame.

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