Wednesday, November 18, 2009

With the onset of the dark winter months, I'm once again drawn back to blogging. It helps when my outside sunshine time is limited. If you've ever been affected by depression, you understand; SAD, they call it.

Mary Ann is coming today. She's at her mom's now in Baldwyn and will visit with her sister in Gautier before heading back home this weekend. She's doing a Mary Kay party for me tomorrow night. I hope a few of the many I've invited show up. Leaving those 3 Borden boys in Tampa for a week takes nerve, but if you know my daughter-in-law, you know she has plenty. Ricky runs a pretty tight ship, though, so I'm glad she has such a good partner and feels confident enough to leave Dad in charge, PLUS he will have a brand new appreciation for her when she returns. What a bonus!

My Water Lilies are eating at Amerigo's today. This group of ladies keeps me smiling even on the darkest days. Last time we ate at Amerigo's, they treated us to free desserts. Recently they have advertised a plate lunch complete with tea, Tirimisu, and tip for $10.00, not a shabby deal, at all.

UPDATE: Just returned from Amerigo's where 14 of our 20 Lilies gathered for a scrumptious feast Italian style. I ordered the Wednesday special which was grilled chicken with angel hair pasta and sauteed veggies, so good I didn't leave one morsel on my plate. My mother would have been proud. Had to bring my dessert home, though, just too full to eat it.

Wednesday nights continue to be one of the highlights of my week with choir rehearsal at St. Philip's and dinner at the Lacy's afterward. I love hanging with this group of smart, super talented, fun people, and the food and wine are great, too. Our choir is always working on something that challenges me. The upcoming three months will be very busy with Advent, Christmas, Epiphany, Mardi Gras, but without all this, I would probably hibernate and get fat again. I'm glad I've got it.

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