Thursday, February 26, 2009

Something's gotta give! Will blogging fall by the wayside while Facebook eats up all my time? That's the way it's been lately. If I could figure out a way to combine the two, that would be ideal. This is monologue; over there it's dialogue, a lot more fun. Reconnecting with high school friends has been a blast! And I thought there was just one way to feel 16 again, silly me!

We had another funeral at St. Philip's this morning with the choir's music being as beautiful as ever. Garrison Keillor must have had a choir like ours in mind when he said: To sing like this, in the company of other souls, and to make those consonants slip out so easily and in unison, and to make those chords so rich that they bring tears to your eyes – this is transcendence. This is the power that choral singing has that other music can only dream of.

This afternoon I went to Brandon to sew with a friend of mine who has the most amazing machines I've ever seen. I will never be satisfied with my 40 year old Singer Touch 'n Sew again. I am so behind the times. If I ever get inspired to start making my own clothes again, which I kinda doubt, I'll just take it out to Lollie's house and do it there. She and I worked on my Chickadee jacket for the dream workshop retreat. We're planning to wear them when we go to Gray Center in a couple of weeks.

I'm just hoping I can get someone to come stay with Mike while I'm gone. His friend Ron is the most likely one to do it, but I haven't asked him yet. Surely he is not going to the casino on Friday the 13th. I'll call him tomorrow and see.

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