Monday, February 23, 2009

My handyman came this morning to finish the paint job we started over a month ago. He had several touch-ups to do, and while he was here, he fixed the ice dispenser in the door of the fridge. I could have done it, I've done it before, but he's one of those take-charge kinda guys. "Here, let me do that," was all it took for me to step back and let him have it. He's moving to Louisiana in a couple of months, which I really hated to hear, but I've got other names and numbers for other handymen, so it shouldn't be a major problem.

I keep hoping AT&T will transfer Ricky from Tampa to Jackson, but the chances of that are about one in a million, maybe? These friends of mine who have family members they can call for help just don't realize how lucky they are. Thank goodness, I'm seeing more of Benji recently than I used to and he's pretty darn handy at fixing things, too. I'm hoping we can get pictures hung back on the wall that have been down since the painting began. Something else I could actually do by myself, but it works a lot better when a second or third person is eyeing the overall placement of the pictures. I want to mix up what I had in totally different arrangements, but I've got a couple of new ones to hang, too. What I need to do is go through all my paintings and get a couple of them framed.

I was out most of the afternoon with a 1:30 appointment, then shopping at Kroger, then working out at the Y. A nice looking man about my age struck up a conversation with me at Kroger, then at the Y, the same thing happened with another man. He and I talked about losing weight, he'd lost almost 100 lbs, I've lost 30 since July, then we talked about grandchildren. Such a pleasant, smart, nice looking man, quite a boost for my flagging ego. I think I'll wait until around 4:00 to go tomorrow, too. Exercise is not usually as interesting as it was today.

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