Friday, January 16, 2009

Whee! The painter finished just in time for Mike's discharge. He's coming home tomorrow. I've got major renovation to do in his bedroom before I pick him up. Everything got shoved in there out of the way of the painting. What a mess! Oh good, there's plenty of room under his bed.

Mike's prognosis is shaky. His doctors have decided against doing any anti-coagulant therapy, said the risk is greater with brain bleeds than with new clots forming. However, the clots they have found developed since he was discharged from St. Dominic's on Dec. 30th. They did an ultra-sound test and found none on that date. So multiple emboli have formed in the last 17 days. And the likelihood of more forming is high. The man is living on borrowed time, but he's said that ever since I met him. He's pretty good at beating the odds.

I still don't have renters for the vacant apartment, but two women looked at it today and said they wanted it. Let's hope everything checks out okay. One less worry would be nice.

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