Monday, January 12, 2009

What a day! If I ever get my house straight and clean it will be a major miracle. My painter has not finished, so everything is still out of place and getting messier every day. I'm usually okay with a moderately messy place, but this mess is even getting on my nerves. It's ridiculous!

This afternoon, I visited with Mike, who thinks he is coming home on the 18th, and he may be right. The brain injury nurse from MRC interviewed him today and gave him the impression that his injuries do not warrant in-patient hospitalization. I still haven't talked with her, so I'm not sure what the score is. I've got to have firm boundaries and some system of accountability in place before I will be comfortable with him here again. Even though he's been sober for over 3 weeks now, I don't trust him to stay sober by sheer will power. He will have to go to AA, get a sponsor, work the program, and go to counseling. He's ready to do whatever I ask, he said.

My night was capped off with a homeowners' association meeting where we elected the Board of Governors for the year, the same board members we had, except for one new guy. These people all deserve extra stars in their crown for the hassle they've been through in 2008. They did a superb job and got us out of the red. Our troublemaker didn't get nearly as much attention in this meeting as she's been getting in previous meetings. They called the sheriff whose deputy escorted her outside for disturbing the peace. Way to go, Ladies!

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